1. RSS services on the BETICO website:

2. RSS What is this?

Really Simple Syndication (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format designed especially for areas with content that changes frequently.

3. Advantages

Easy way to receive an alert each time the web page to which you syndication, publish new content. In this way, instead of visiting a website to find more news, RSS automatically alerts you when there is new information, sending the headline and a link to the website where the content completely.

4. RSS Readers

To use RSS, you must have installed a program called "News Reader", which includes all sources of news you subscribe and can consult their headlines from a single site.

You can find many free news readers on the web:

After installing a news reader, all you need to subscribe to information sources that interest you. To do this, you have to get the web address (URL), usually indicated with the RSS icon, copy and paste it in the right place Newsreader program. Often, you'll have to add in an option called "add new source".

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