• PT SERIES Portable screw compressors

PT SERIES Portable screw compressors


The PT series portable compressors, are especially designed for working in the open air on contraction sites, they are the result of the collaboration with thousands of users that have contributed necessities and suggestions, and they are guaranteed by more than 30 years experience in design and production of screw compressors.

1. Enviroment respect

Fulfilling the directive 2000/14 about "Sound emission in open air". Developed with advance design systems, they incorporate latest generation rotors that united with the efficient and reliable DEUTZ and PERKINS motors, give the result of high performance compressors, they are characterized by their:

  • Low Consumption 
  • Minimum smoke emissions.
  • Light weight.
  • Adaptability to exterior changing atmospheres of the construction sites.

2. Complete accessibiliity

Just by simply opening the upper cover of the compressor, all the elements that require maintenance are at hands reach.

3. minimum maintenance

Due to the simple and high quality design of the components, the PT compressors operate efficiently with simple routine operations and really low costs.

3. Mínimo mantenimiento

Todos los elementos que requieren mantenimiento están ubicados en la misma zona de la maquina para facilitar su acceso. La alta calidad de sus componentes, permite a los compresores PT funcionan de forma eficaz con simples operaciones de rutina y costos realmente bajos.

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