• SB-V Series Piston Compressor - Depressor.

SB-V Series Piston Compressor - Depressor.

1. SB-V Series Piston Compressor - Depressor, simple reliable

The SB-V series piston compressors-depressors are the ideal solution for all types of load and discharge of petroleum sludge. Different options allow them to be used both on trucks or fixed installations.

2. Operation

A 4-way tap is what allows us to carry out the two fundamental functions of this machine with only one machine, VACUUM for loading the product and COMPRESSION for discharging the same, by means of airflow INVERSION.

3. Main characteristics

  • Long useful life of the machine.
  • Highlly reduced maintenance costs.
  • High loading and discharging speed.

4. Total reliability and minimal maintenance

The maintenance of these compressors is limited to changing the oil, the oil filter and the air filter. The rest of the compressor has been designed so that it is able to work for years without the need for any other service operation.

4. Application

The main application of these machines, is the collection of oil sludge (LOAD vacuum and discharge COMPRESSION), in the process of drilling or recycling of sludge in treatment plants.

Cleaning fluids of different contaminations difficult to be sucked into the high viscosity, density and strong adhesion, such as different types of heavy fuel oil.

Prestige: Large and recognized companies of the international petroleum sector guarantee our quality, robustness, durability, as well as low maintenance costs.

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Compresor-Depresor de pistón SB-V Compresor-Depresor de pistón SB-V con motor diesel Ejemplo de montaje para limpieza de lodos petroler
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