• SB Series Piston compressors and blowers

SB Series Piston compressors and blowers

1. SB compressors, simple reliable.

The SB series COMPRESSORS AND BLOWERS are one stage piston machines, Due to their simple and robust design they are the most adequate for transport of ARIDS like CEMENT AND LIME in dusty atmospheres.

The high quality of the materials used allows it to work during thousands of hours without no more maintenance than that changing the oil, in spite of small quantities of arid entering through the intake filters.

Thanks to their modular design, there is an adequate model for each necessity that arises from the PNEUMATIC DISCHARGING OF CEMENT, ARIDS and other POWDER products like the following:

Generally speaking, for all types of PNEUMATIC TRANSPORT where small quantity of oil in the compressed air is admissible.

2. A solution for every application

To adapt each application, these compressors can be powered by:

BY DIESEL MOTOR: Moto compressor unit, completely autonomous, driven directly by a diesel motor assembled to the compressor and forming a robust and compact unit.

BY BELTS: Compressor with flywheel-pulley, to be driven by power form a P.T.O. truck. it is very simply assemble, as all that has to be done is to assemble the compressor to the truck chassis. place a pulley on the power take off on the truck and join this to the compressor by means of belts.

BY HYDRAULIC MOTOR: This is the ideal solution when a good relation between autonomy and weight is necessary, if there is a hydraulic pump on the truck.

BY ELECTRIC MOTOR: This is the most adequate solution for assembling to Trucks, when mains current is available and for fixed installations in all types of Industries. It is equipped with a control panel and can by regulated to work for long periods of time at a constant work pressure.

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