• RB-J series Oil FREE screw compressors for Pneumatic conveying

RB-J series Oil FREE screw compressors for Pneumatic conveying

1. Air oil free

The new RB-J synchronous screw compressors deliver oil-free compressed air. The special design of these compressors, without any contact between the rotors and the casing, allows them to operate without lubrication in the compression chamber.

These compressors are the ideal solution for handling all types of powder materials that require air completely free from oil. The different available options make their use possible in trucks and in stationary applications.

2. Total reliability and minimal maintenance

The high quality of the construction, with high-grade materials and close tolerances, ensures a high efficiency. This enables a reduction of the energy consumption and the output temperature.

The maintenance of these compressors is limited to changing the oil, the oil filter and the air filter. The rest of the compressor has been designed so that it is able to work for years without the need for any other service operation.

3. Two models cover all the needs.

RB-12-J: This is a compact compressor of medium capacity delivering 420-720 m3/h. Due to its compact and very narrow configuration
it can be mounted on any truck, either belt driven or with a direct cardan coupling to the PTO engine.
RB-18-J: Similar in size to the RB-12-J, this compressor is suitable for applications demanding very high outputs. As it can deliver up to 1000 m3/h, it is able to handle materials with heavy weight and large size. 

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