• ER 75-200 Series screw compressors

ER 75-200 Series screw compressors

1. Direct reliable transmission without energy loss

The "air end" compressor and the motor are directly united by means of a carcass where the elastic coupling is located. This type of assembly is the most adequate because:

• It eliminates the losses of transmission that are produced in belt systems.
• It guarantees the perfect alignment of the compressor with the motor.
• It does not require maintenance.
• It reduces vibrations of the rotor which lengthens the life of the bearings.

2. High-efficiency rotor

ER 75-200 series uses rotors with new design 5/6 with the new SRM "D" profile, it means significantly improve the performance of traditional rotors 4/6.

Machined with high-precision machines have reduced the clearances inside the rotor.

3. Double air - oil separator receiver

The unique design of the oil separator, consisting of two separate receivers, improving oil separation compared to conventional systems from a single receiver.

The first receiver separates over 90% of the oil, then passed to the second receiver where is the oil separator filter.

In this way, we get longest separator life and almost oil free compressors.

4. BETRONIK-II. Accuracy and optimal performance.

The electronic control BETRONIK-II, is a rugged industrial microprocessor specially developed for maximum efficiency and protection of the compressors.

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