Compresores de tornillo OIL FREE

OIL FREE Screw Compressors for Pneumatic Conveying

The new RB-J synchronous screw compressors deliver oil-free compressed air. The special design of these compressors, without any contact between the rotors and the casing, allows them to operate without lubrication in the compression chamber.

They are the ideal solution for all kinds of transport: cereals, flour, sugar, salt, chemical granular products, fodder and powdery products, which require air to be completely oil free. Their different options allow them to be used in lorries and in permanent facilities. 

Oil free air 

The special design of these compressors, with no contact between the rotors, or the housing, allows them to operate without greasing in the compression chamber.

Economical operation

Their high manufacturing quality, made using first class materials and minimum tolerances, guarantee high performance, thereby reducing energy consumption and the supply temperature.

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